ANZIAM  J.  45 (2004), 495-510
Phase-retardation effects at radio frequencies in flat-plate conductors

D. P. Bulte
  The Brain-Body Institute
  St. Joseph's Healthcare
  Hamilton L8N 4A6
L. K. Forbes
  School of Mathematics and Physics
  University of Tasmania
  TAS 7001
S. Crozier
  School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
  University of Queensland
  Qld 4072

A system of new integral equations is presented. They are derived from Maxwell's equations and describe radio-frequency (RF) current densities on a two-dimensional flat plate. The equations are generalisations of Pocklington's integral equation showing phase-retardation in two dimensions. These singular equations are solved, numerically, for the case of one-dimensional geometry. The solutions are shown to display effects which correspond to damped resonance when the wavelength of the current matches aspects of the geometry of the conductor.
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