PhD Scholarship
Queensland University of Technology

School of Mathematical Sciences

Posted on: Wed Nov 30 2016

Mathematical models of cell migration in crowded, three-dimensional, living tissues

My research group is recruiting a PhD student who will work on a project aimed at producing new mathematical models and new mathematical analysis of cell migration in three- dimensional living tissues. This project will involve collaboration with Professor Michael Plank at the University of Canterbury and Professor Ruth Baker at the University of Oxford. Funding is provided through an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant.

Mathematical models of cell migration in crowded, living tissues are essential for interpreting modern experiments that relate to development and disease. Existing mathematical models of cell migration in crowded tissues rely primarily on stochastic simulations, and therefore provide no general mathematical insight into how properties of the crowding environment (obstacle shape, size, density) affect properties of the migration of cells through that environment. To overcome these limitations this PhD project will produce new mathematical analysis, new mathematical calculations, and analytical tools that quantify how the crowding environment in three-dimensional living tissues affects the migration of cells within these tissues. The outcomes of the project will build on recent contributions from my research group to the mathematical biology and biophysics literature.

The successful applicants will be based in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queensland University of Technology, and join my research group who are working on projects in mathematical biology.


Applicants should hold a first class Honours degree or equivalent (such as a Master’s degree) in applied mathematics, physics, engineering or related discipline. Strong academic performance, excellent written communication skills and expertise in computational techniques (FORTRAN, C++, MATLAB) are essential.

The applicant must be eligible to enrol in a PhD at Queensland University of Technology. The stipend, indexed annually (AU$26,288 in 2016), is tax exempt for full-time students, and will support living costs for up to 3 years. International students will receive an accompanying QUT Higher Degree Research Tuition Fee Sponsorship.

For further information please contact Professor Matthew Simpson,

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