PhD Scholarship in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing
FEMTO-ST Institute

Marseille, France

Closing date: 3rd June 2016

This PhD thesis is in the context of development of mathematical tools and software MEMSALab for aided design of multi-physics and multi-scale systems based on asymptotic methods. The first applications are for arrays of micro-systems and nano-systems, but broader range of applications are expected. The multiscale model construction starts from a system of partial differential equations and combines principles of multiscale approximation with symbolic computation methods from computer sciences. MEMSALab is an implementation of such mathematical model derivations by rewriting techniques. In the medium term, it will allow to automatically generate a wide class of multi-scale models. By nature, they are also systems of partial differential equations, but much less expensive to solve by a computer. Once built, they should be automatically transferred to a finite element software package. In our package, we complement it by a toolkit for parameter optimization and calibration.

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