PhD scholarship: Statistics and Computer Science
Monash University

Clayton School of Information Technology

Posted on: Wed Mar 30 2011

Rating and ranking sports players and teams using Minimum Message Length

Project: The project is on ``Rating and ranking sports players and teams using Minimum Message Length''. Rating systems go back at least as far as Harkness (1949) and the better-known Elo (1961) system for rating chess players. More recent attempts have been made to refine these systems in a variety of ways. We will refine the systems further - perhaps starting with chess but certainly going much further. This includes dealing with the challenging (Neyman-Scott-like) situation where, for some players and teams, there are few games per player or few games between different groups of players. Our enhanced modelling will be for a range of games and sports - including advantages such as, e.g., first move (as in chess), home ground and location, surface (as in tennis), etc. We will apply this to rating and ranking individuals and teams. We also refine how quickly ratings can change depending upon the strength of the player. All sorts of games and sports could use such better systems for rating and ranking teams.

Applicant background: Applicants should have a background - including completing at least the equivalent of an undergraduate degree - in at least one of mathematics, statistics, computer science and/or (information theory and) electrical engineering. Applicants should also be able to write computer programs - preferably in a variation of (e.g.) C or Java. If applicants consider themselves not to be strong at mathematics, then they should at least be fond of mathematics.

Salary:Standard PhD scholarship (Aus$26,667p.a.) [possibly tax-free] accompanied by additional top-up.

The scholarship is for the official Monash University standard duration of 3 years, although this might possibly be extended for a further 6 or possibly 12 months.

Starting date: February 2011 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Enquiries: Contact David dot Dowe at infotech dot dot au with clear e-mail subject line and contents.

Applications: Cover letter and application - as above - including academic transcripts, proof (if appropriate) of English language quality (e.g., IELTS or TOEFL), addressing selection criteria, and including c.v./resume'.

If applying, please send application once - in one e-mail - and please include every relevant file as a separate attachment. Again, send to David dot Dowe at InfoTech dot dot au with clear e-mail subject line and contents.

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