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Short Summaries of Articles on Mathematics in the Popular Press (Posted by the AMS).

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The Australian Mathematical Society Medal Awards

Figures released from the 2003 Graduate Destination Survey suggest that employment prospects for new bachelor degree graduates remain robust despite a minor rise in the percentage still seeking employment. The figures appear in the Graduate Careers Council of Australia’s new summary publications, GradStats and The Grad Files.

Doing a spot of algebra at Bondi Beach should improve your body surfing technique.... more»

Cricket wouldn't be cricket, and Richie Benaud wouldn't have much to say, without statistics .... more»

With several thousand agreements expiring by mid-year (2003), industrial observers say family-friendly provisions and superannuation top-ups are among the most sought after conditions now .... more»

The Not So CLEVER COUNTRY - How we've forgotten what counts. In an era in which mathematics holds the key to technological excellence and development, our notion of a clever country is in serious jeopardy.... more»

What mathematics can teach us about equality. Confront the disturbing patterns in the distribution of wealth .... more»

Fields Medals Winners
Explaining what the winners of the world's top awards in mathematics actually do isn't as easy as adding 2+2 but we'll give it a try .... more»

Listed in the Australia Day Honours List for 2004 is Emeritus Professor Alf van der Poorten, Member of the Order of Australia (AM).

Max Kelly receives Centenary Medal for services to Australian science .... more»

Two prominent mathematicians receive Australia Day honours.... more»

Innovation Access Programme - International Science and Technology, delivered by the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST), (May 2003) is one of the components of the Innovation Access Programme (IAP), an initiative of the Government's Innovation Statement Backing Australia's Ability.... IAP funds science and industry activities ...more»
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George Szekeres - Ninety and still counting. Mathematician, George Szekeres received his award of Member of the Order of Australia .... more»

Snapshots of uncertainty - how wavelets provide a clearer focus on frequency and time .... more»

Not so fast Einstein, light's got the brakes on .... more»

The season for Morning Glory cloud formations has just begun in the Gulf of Carpentaria and glider pilots and scientists are heading north to ride the spectacular waves .... more»

Book Reviews

Einstein's Heroes: Imagining the World through the Language of Mathematics
Robyn Arianrhod; Queensland University Press; paperback $24; ISBN 0702234087
Einstein's heroes were Newton, Faraday and particularly James Clerk Maxwell. Monash academic, Robyn Arianrhod, explores how the objective language of mathematics has transformed our understanding of natural phenomena. more»

Mathematics and Sex by Clio Cresswell; Allen and Unwin Australia, $24.95. Dr Clio Cresswell is a visiting fellow in the school of mathematics at the University of New South Wales, as well as a TV and radio personality. Her new book is a lively and informative investigation into the maths of dating and much more»
Are Universes Thicker Than Blackberries? by Martin Gardner; reviewer James Franklin. Gardner is possibly the world’s expert on patterns-in-general, as evidenced by his many popular writings on mathematical structures (represented in this book by an entertaining piece on magic hexagrams)......more»

The Mathematical Unknown by John Derbyshire; reviewer James Franklin
Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the greatest unsolved problem in Mathematics.... more»

Proof in Mathematics: An Introduction by James Franklin and Albert Dauod. Takes a straightforward, no nonsense approach to explaining the core technique of mathematics.... more»

Entanglement by Amir D. Aczel; reviewer Laurence Marschall. Particle Weirdness - A mathematician explores a quantum world that even Einstein called spooky.... more»

Wavelets: The Key to Intermittent Information? edited by BW Silverman and
JC Vassilicos. A clear and comprehensive introduction to this burgeoning field, covering both theory and applications.... more»

A New Kind of Science by Stephan Wolfram; reviewer James Franklin (New Criterion, Jan. 2003). After more than a decade of writing and two decades of research and discovery, noted scientist and Mathematica creator Stephan Wolfram has completed his long-anticipated book.... more»

The Science of Conjecture: Evidence and Probability before Pascal by James Franklin; reviewer Frederick Butzen. Tells a fascinating story and tells it superbly.... more»

A Beautiful Mind: Biography of John Nash by Sylvia Nasar; reviewer Ed Green.Beyond being a well-told story of an individual, the book has two general themes..... more»