Postdoctoral Fellow

Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences

Posted on: Mon Jan 18 2016

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow to work on an Australian Research Council funded project that deals wiith ecological modelling. The project will continue for 1.5 years with a possible extension depending on funding availability. The applicant should have a good mathematics/statistics background as well as a strong interest in ecology/biology.

The project is being run at RMIT University, led by PI's

Lewi Stone, Yan Wang, Ascelin Gordon.
External Principal Investigators: David Dowe, Monash University
Robert Dorazio USGS, Andy Solow Woods Hole

Project Summary

Identifying how species are distributed over the landscape, and how they interact and self-organize into foodwebs, are central goals in Ecology. This project will provide innovative new modelling tools to improve our understanding of species distributions and their foodweb networks. Broadly speaking, the successful candidate together with the PI's will be developing a general framework for extending current species distribution modelling frameworks to deal with multiple species, incorporating both their interactions as well as surveillance errors in detection. We intend to use spatial point process models, for which the candidate should preferably have some background knowledge.

This is a loose guideline, and there are also possibilities for pursuing related research.

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