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CTAC '97

Andrew Gill

The Applied Mathematics Department of the University of Adelaide hosted the eighth biennial Computational Techniques and Applications Conference (CTAC97) from September 29 - October 1, 1997.

The conference provided an opportunity for interaction between developers and users of computational mathematics applied to problems in engineering and science, with important applications to industry and the environment.

Topics ranged from detection of heat sources in waste dumps, spray cooling of jarred foodstuffs, design of ships, and modelling of groundwater flow to computing tides and currents in coastal seas.

Five invited speakers presented keynote addresses:

  • Professor Graham Carey (University of Texas): Parallel CFD
  • Professor Michael Powell (University of Cambridge): Thin Plate Spline Interpolation in Two Dimensions
  • Dr Akshai Runchal (President of Analytic and Computational Research, USA):
    Mathematical Models and Environmental Modelling
  • Professor Ernie Tuck (Adelaide University): Solution of Nonlinear Free-Surface Problems by Boundary and Desingularised Integral Equation Techniques
  • Dr Daniel Yuen (BHP Research): Mathematical Modelling for Industrial Applications

    There were an additional 100 contributed papers presented at the conference by delegates from Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Germany. There were 8 overseas, 65 interstate and 32 South Australian delegates. About one third of the delegates were students.

    The refereed papers will be published by World Scientific Publishing Company as an 800 page book, edited by Associate Professor John Noye, Dr Michael Teubner and Dr Andrew Gill, all of the Applied Mathematics Department at the University of Adelaide.

    A half day workshop on Multiresolution Methods was held on the Wednesday afternoon and consisted of six half-hour presentations. This workshop was organized by Dr Garry Newsam from DSTO Salisbury and was well attended by CTAC delegates.

    The ninth Computational Techniques and Applications Conference is scheduled to be held at the Australian National University in Canberra during September 1999, and the Conference Director is Professor Mike Osborne.

    Applied Mathematics Department
    University of Adelaide

    New Computational Mathematics Specialist Group Committee

    The Committee of the Computational Mathematics Specialist Group of ANZIAM, elected at the Biennial General Meeting on 29 September 1997 consists of:

    Chairman: Associate Professor John Noye Applied Mathematics Department, University of Adelaide
    Secretary: Dr Jerard Barry Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.
    Treasurer: Dr Stephen Roberts School of Mathematical Sciences, Australian National University.
    Committee: Dr Malcolm Davidson Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Melbourne.
    Professor Clive Fletcher CANCES, University of New South Wales.
    Dr Markus Hegland Computer Sciences Laboratory, Australian National University.
    Dr Rob May Mathematics Department, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.
    Ex Officio: Professor Mike Osborne (Director CTAC99) School of Mathematical Sciences, Australian National University
    Professor Ernie Tuck (Chairman of ANZIAM) Applied Mathematics Department, University of Adelaide.

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