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The Australian Academy of Science has awarded the Hannan Medal for Mathematical Sciences to Professor N.S. Trudinger FAA (Australian National University).

The 1996 award was made to a scientist for distinguished research carried out mainly in Australia in pure mathematics. The following brief citation accompanied the award.

Trudinger has made major and particularly influential contributions to nonlinear analysis, especially partial differential equations. His early work on embeddings has led to what is now known as the ``Trudinger inequality''. He was the first to identify the famous inconsistency in Yamabe's theorem, and to rectify it in cases where the integral of scalar curvature is either negative or not large positive. His contributions to the theory of elliptic operators have led to new test-function methods which have settled conjectures involving curvature operators. His pioneering work on discrete approximations to solutions of nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations has led to important applications in stability. His results on Hessian equations have led to a remarkable new technique for estimating derivatives at the boundary. His monograph on elliptic partial differential equations is the definitive reference in this area. His work on isoperimetric inequalities led him to develop a new approach, which allows the Alexandrov-Fenchel inequalities to be established in non-convex domains. This resulted in Trudinger being awarded the inaugural Institut Henri Poincare/Gauthier-Villars prize in nonlinear analysis, in 1995.


The Australian Academy of Science has awarded the Pausey Medal to Dr M.T. Batchelor (Australian National University).

The 1996 award was made to recognise outstanding research in physics by younger scientists whose work has been carried out mainly in Australia. The medal commemorates the unique contribution to science in Australia by the late Dr J.L. Pawsey FAA. The following brief citation accompanied the award.

Dr Batchelor has made substantial contributions to the field of exactly solvable models in statistical mechanics. Using sophisticated mathematical techniques, he has calculated the bulk and surface properties of these models, using the information gained to verify the predictions of the scaling and conformal invariance theories of critical behaviour.

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