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Australian Subcommittee for the International

Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ASICMI)

World Wide Web: The Web address for information on ICMI (the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction) from an Australian perspective is now available at this address:

ICME-8: The Second Announcement for the Eighth International Congress on Mathematical Education, ICME-8, in Seville, Spain from 14-21 July, 1996, is now available at a Web site:
Anyone who cannot access this information and has not received a hard copy in the mail, can contact Jane Watson ( or GPO Box 252C, Hobart 7001).

Quite a few Australian mathematics educators are involved in the programme. It should be noted that there are sessions for tertiary mathematics as well as school mathematics and ASICMI encourages all teachers, mathematics educators, and mathematicians to consider participating. Australia has been invited to make a special hour-long presentation about mathematics education in this country. Very few countries have been invited and ASICMI invites members of AMS or the Executive of AMS to make suggestions for the Australian presentation. These might include special teaching projects (e.g., the results of CAUT grants), research projects (e.g., ARC grants in mathematics education), professional development (e.g., DEET projects), software development and products, or curriculum projects and products. We are interested in innovations that Australia can show to the rest of the world. Please submit ideas to Jane Watson (address above) by February 1st, 1996.

East Asia Conference: Zhang Dianzhou, of East China Normal University and Lee Peng Yee, of the National Institute of Education, Singapore have suggested that there be a conference supported by regional ICMI bodies to take place in 1997. Some of the topics they suggest for inclusion are the following.

Further information will be provided as developments occur in 1996 but those particularly interested in Asia may want to make a mental note of this possibility.

Jane Watson
Chair of ASICMI

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